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You don't need to know anything about computers, and your website gets its own web address (like www.yourchoice.com).

Simply choose a website design and add your own text and pictures.

How can I make my own website with 2-Minute-Website.com?
Read how you can make your own web site, quickly and easily. If you ask most people how they feel about about building a website, their response is often: "Get my own website? I just wouldn't know where to begin".
Questions & Answers (FAQs)
All your questions answered. Frequently asked questions about building your website, credit card payment, search engines, domain names, and technical support.
Editing Text in Your Website
Want more control?Here's how you can get control of the text shown on your website.
Selling Products and Services
Need to take money on your website?Set up payment buttons, and you can sell products or services on your site, taking payments by credit card or PayPal from your customers.
Key Facts
Just the facts: printable details of exactly what you get when you sign up with us.
What is a Domain Name?
Find out the key facts you need to know about naming your site. How do website names work, and how can you get a name for your site?
All About Search Engines
Your site is no good unless visitors can find it. Read how. What is a 'Search Engine'? And how can you use it to get more visitors to your website?
Customer Reviews
What do our customers think of us? Find out here...


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